Finding courage, connection and power in the climate crisis

Coal, oil and gas corporations are heating our beautiful planet, harming people. Everything we do matters


Are you concerned about climate damage harming people? Are you curious about the many different pathways to change? Download the checklist for 21 powerful strategies to stop climate damage.


Many people are alarmed about climate damage harming people all over the world and want to do more. Together, we can – and must – take action.


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Ready to become a powerful climate justice advocate?

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We live at a time of great challenge and our actions have far-reaching consequences. We can share Critical Climate Conversations. Let's focus on empathy and justice as we consider How We Survive and Thrive, and get oriented with a Nature Visionary Compass.


Are you alarmed about climate damage and want to do something to build power with your community? This action-packed workshop aims to fast-track you from "Oh geez...this is serious..." to effective action and advocacy. Understand the big drivers of the problem, and big levers for change. Find a role in change using your unique gifts and vision.

Kathryn McCallum is a climate justice advocate, environmental journalist and people-powered movement builder.

Over 20 years collaborating on campaigns, she's helped hundreds of thousands of people take millions of actions to speak out for climate justice. She's helped to win new laws to support clean energy and regulate pollution. She's a nationally published journalist and a nature connection mentor.


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As corporations hellbent on burning even more fossil fuels heat up our beautiful planet, urgent questions are burning inside me. Facing them alone is exhausting. That's why I hope to make exploring them into a rich and vital conversation. We live at an extraordinary moment. It will take all of us to turn it around.

How can the next generation grow up grounded and powerful?

As a mentor at a Bluegum Bushcraft rewild camp, I'm astounded by the magic of play, skimming rocks, campfire stories and shrieking wild swims. The camp came just before our very own "Camp Mama", Gina, won the survival show Alone, But am I mentoring the kids, or are they mentoring me?

On the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction, communities are speaking out for their rights, the rights of their rivers and forests – and our global climate. Iquitos, in north-eastern Peru is the largest city in the world with no road access. You must fly or travel days up the Amazon River to get there. The river is gob-smacking.

How do we make progress across the different layers, loyalties and interests in our democratic process to advance the collective good? I took a wild ride through ten years of losing – and occasionally winning – climate campaigns. And sometimes that meant dressing up in giant heads. Did we change nothing, or did everything change?




We acknowledge Wurundjeri land and Traditional Owners, Sovereignty was never ceded. We pay respect to the climate knowledge and leadership of First Nations people.

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